Resolved Student Ministry (RSM): 7th-12th grade

Why Resolved?

We want the student ministry to serve a purpose, and purpose is only achieved through commitments. These four resolutions are our commitments to one another to help disciple the students of High Pointe.

Parents are . . .

Resolved, to be the primary discipler of my child(ren).   

The Church is . . .

Resolved, to utilize RSM as a means of entering into the life of High Pointe’s students and their families

RSM Leadership is . . .

Resolved, to foster and cooridnate ways the church can come alongside parents in the discipleship of their child(ren). 

Students are . . .

Resolved, to be open to the proclamation of the gospel truth of Jesus Christ. 


Student Ministry is not separate from the church. RSM is not a sub-section of High Pointe. Rather, RSM is a minsitry of High Pointe that seeks to come alongside parents in the discipleship of their child(ren) by equipping them AND THE ENTIRE CHURCH BODY to lead the students towards a greater knowlege of who God is and their relationship to this God, with the goal of presenting them mature in Christ. 

Vision & Mission

The mission of RSM is no different from the mission of High Pointe as a whole: We exist to see all peoples (including young people) become whole-hearted followers of Jesus christ. Everything we do in RSM exists to serve this mission.
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