Who We Are: Our History

High Pointe Baptist Church has a rich and diverse history, which is reflected in the diversity of its people. Though many churches today split in order to make two congregations, High Pointe is a merger of two congregations that made up one church.

Christ Memorial Baptist Church: 1975-1998

The first services of Christ Memorial were held on November 2, 1975, in the Cook Elementary School. There were eleven people in attendance, including founding Pastor James Weaver. After six months the church purchased a house, which was later converted into a chapel. Steady growth led to the construction of two new auditoriums and additional multi-purpose space during the next few years. In 1987, Pastor Charles Bullock, answered a call to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Pastor James Weaver. Under the leadership of Pastor Bullock, Christ Memorial’s missions endeavors expanded rapidly, including newly opened fields in Eastern Europe. The church also established and began funding a seminary in Santa Clara, Cuba to train Cuban pastors.

Trinity Covenant Baptist Church: 1990-1998

Trinity Covenant Baptist Church first assembled as a congregation in 1990. In November of 1991 Jason Sidler was called to pastor the new church. In 1994 Trinity Covenant miraculously purchased 15.5 acres of land on Yager Lane for only $49,000.00. The Trinity Covenant building, now High Pointe’s Jourdan Crossing building, was built in 1995 by its members and with help from the Baptist Men of Texas.

High Pointe Baptist Church: 1998-Present

In late 1997 Christ Memorial purchased 50 acres of land on Dessau Road near Parmer Lane. At that time Trinity Covenant Baptist Church and Christ Memorial began to discuss the possibility of a merger. The merger took place in March of 1998, and plans to build a new sanctuary began immediately. The building was completed and dedicated April 15, 2000. In 2004, Charles Bullock resigned as pastor of High Pointe Baptist Church, and a year later in July of 2005 the church voted unanimously to call Juan Sanchez as its teaching pastor effective August 1, 2005. Since 2005, the Lord has been very gracious by allowing High Pointe Baptist Church to continue to fulfill its mission to see all peoples become whole-hearted followers of Jesus Christ. Recognizing its desire and need to reach Spanish-speaking people, in 2007 High Pointe helped establish and continues to support a Spanish congregation under the pastorate of Juan Padilla.
In 2009, High Pointe Baptist Church brought Todd Terry on staff as a church planting resident. After much prayer and seeing a need to plant a church in a rural area, High Pointe Baptist Church and Todd Terry agreed that Elgin, Texas was the place the Lord was leading for a new church plant. By God’s grace, Todd Terry and a core church planting team of 40 people from High Pointe Baptist Church held their first service as Covenant Life Fellowship on January 2nd, 2011 in Elgin, Texas. In 2010, High Pointe Baptist Church and Ethiopian Pastor Dagne Balcha and his congregation began a relationship. Seeking a place to meet as a separate congregation, it was decided they should become members of High Pointe Baptist Church to further display the glory of God. In the Fall of 2011, High Pointe brought Pastor Dagne Balcha on staff and in the Summer of 2012 many of the Ethiopians became members of High Pointe Baptist Church.
Most recently, High Pointe sent two of its elders (Ben Wright and Drew Rogers), along with a team of about 40 people to plant Cedar Pointe Baptist Church. Cedar Pointe launched in Cedar Park, TX in March of 2016, and they are meeting in the Cedar Park Recreation Center.
High Pointe Baptist Church once again finds herself as the recipient of God’s blessings as we continue to grow together. It is our utmost desire to see all peoples become whole-hearted followers of Jesus Christ to the glory of God. We continue to meet for worship each Sunday to honor God by proclaiming His word and applying it to our lives, and many people continue to respond to the Word of God and have their lives transformed by the Spirit of God. We pray that until the Lord returns many more will respond in like manner. To God be the glory for the great things He has done!