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We desire to cultivate a culture of Biblical Counseling (BC) at HPBC. One way this culture will come to fruition is through training our members in the concepts and methods of BC. Our primary objective is not to simply educate people about biblical counseling but to train and equip biblical counselors. Below you will find our one year BC training plan that equips our members to “speak the truth in love” to another more effectively. To register for this training click here

1st Semester

Introduction to Biblical Counseling:

Introduction to Biblical Counseling is a basic introduction to biblical counseling theory and techniques. Attention is focused on how the Scriptures and theology form the foundation and substance for Christian counseling. Biblical concepts for understanding people and their problems, heart worship, guilt, a biblical view of self, the biblical method of change, and the proper handling of crisis situations are addressed. There is also a strong emphasis toward understanding basic theological concepts such as justification, sanctification, sufficiency of Scripture, union with Christ, the doctrine of man, the role of the church, etc. 

You can download the 1st Semester Syllabus here.

2nd Semester

Typical Problems in Biblical Counseling:

Typical Problems in Biblical Counseling is for those who want to go a step further than what the intro class offers. This training is designed to apply the principles taught in the Intro class to a range of specific counseling problems including: anxiety, anger, decision-making, dealing with the past, depression, sexual sin, fear of man, and forgiveness.

Counseling Observations and Practicum

After completing the two semester curriculum there will be opportunities for counseling observation and practice; observing a trained counselor throughout the entire counseling process and then opportunities to counsel under the supervision of a trained counselor. The Counseling Observations and Practicum seeks to apply the principles taught in the two semester classes.


 *If you are interested in receiving training in BC at HPBC, contact Jack Delk.