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High Pointe Fall Festival

Saturday  |  October 26, 2019  |  3:00 – 5:00 PM

According to a demographic study provided to High Pointe, in 2012, 226,557 people were living within 5 miles of our building. What you may not realize is that in 1990, the population in that same area was only 124,398. In other words, from 1990 to 2012, the number of people within 5 miles of our building grew 82.1%. And it was estimated that between 2012 and 2017, the population in that same area would continue to grow by 7.2% (another 16,211 people). As you can see, in God’s providence, many people are moving into our neighborhood, and from all indicators, Austin's growth is not slowing down.

The same study highlighted that of those 226,557 people in our 5-mile radius, only 36.7% were actively involved in their faith, while 30.8% were not involved in their faith at all. This “spiritual” picture of our 5-mile radius shows us that, while there are many people who have a faith background in our community, slightly under 2/3 of those people are either only somewhat involved in their faith or not at all. The bottom line is that the Lord is bringing a large number of unbelieving and unchurched people to the doorsteps of our building. The question before us is, “How will we engage them?”

Slowly, we are thinking through ways to engage our community. Since there are many apartment buildings around us, we thought it would be a blessing to our community (and to our children) to provide a safe, fun environment for families and their children to collect candy. I want to encourage you to make plans to join us. We will have lots of candy. But, in addition to the sweet treats, we will have games for the children, including inflatable ones they can enjoy. There will be fun for the entire family! Last year, we had our first-ever fall festival, and many of our church family and friends came out.

We are providing you with an opportunity to invite your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to our building where they can watch their children have fun and also have a chance to meet our church family. We also hope that this venue will lead to opportunities for all of us to speak with our guests about Jesus and, if not that evening, then some other time. So, please pray with us for this opportunity to engage our community. Make plans to join us.

Over the last few years, we have prayed and sought the Lord’s will concerning engaging our community. As you can see, we have a tremendous task before us. The Lord has placed us at 12030 Dessau Road to reach our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We desire to see all peoples become wholehearted followers of Christ. And that begins with engaging the unbelieving, unchurched people around our building. Will you join us in this effort?