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To give you an idea of what counseling through High Pointe entails we have provided answers to a few frequently asked questions. If you would like more information about counseling through High Pointe, please email Jack Delk.

Does High Pointe offer Biblical Counseling to non-members?

We are happy to meet in limited scope with any person—Christian or not—who wants light from the Bible shed on their path; however, we reserve ongoing counseling for the members of High Pointe Baptist Church.

How often do we meet?

An initial meeting with one of our Biblical Counselors will help determine if on-going meetings are necessary and helpful. Most often, our counselors will ask for a 6-7 meeting commitment, then re-assess and adjust meeting frequency and length of commitment based on progress and ongoing need. 

Will I be meeting with a pastor?

Sometimes, but not always. High Pointe is very blessed to have many gifted men who aren’t pastors as well as women who serve as Biblical counselors.

Are the Biblical Counselors at High Pointe certified by any specific counseling organization?

No. We do not require certificates or degrees to serve as a Biblical Counselor. We do thoroughly investigate the person’s life and doctrine and believe they are mature, godly, able to counsel, and gifted to serve as counselors.

What counseling do you normally do?

Alongside pre-engagement and premarital counseling, we are eager to listen and strive to serve no matter what a person faces. Typical problems our counselors face include depression, sexual immorality, understanding God’s providence, anger, discerning calling, marriage and family issues, and more. 

How do I know if I should reach out?

Have you stalled in making progress against your sins? Are you going backwards instead of forwards in your obedience to the Lord? Do you genuinely not know how to grow from where you are presently? If so, we would love to meet and help.

Do you report abuse?

Yes. We always report abuse. It is required by the State of Texas, and it is wise for every church to involve civil authorities to deal with criminal activity.

Is there a cost?

No. We are very happy to provide this service free of charge.

Will I be meeting alone with the counselor, or will someone else be included?

In most cases, we do have another person (an advocate) join in the counseling with you. The advocate is being trained in Biblical counseling as well as contributing to your counsel by adding their wisdom and praying for you.