How to Prepare for the Summer of 2019

It’s already May, and by the end of this month our church calendar will slow down and, for many, your personal calendars will begin to fill up with summer plans and vacations. It’s good to take time away with your family, and summer provides natural rhythms in our calendars for purposeful personal and family retreats. So, as you are able, plan time away alone, with friends, and/or with family. Now, you might think you cannot afford a vacation. But consider day trips to state parks, special events, camping, or specially planned weekends. I fully expect there will be times this summer that I won’t see you in corporate worship. Know that the elders understand and even encourage you to get away. All of us need times of rest in our busy lives. In addition to gaining rest, during these times you will also make important memories, so don’t miss that. And when you’re away, unless you’re in some remote area, plan to worship at a local church. Jeanine, the girls and I always enjoy visiting other churches during vacation. It is not only humbling, restful, and encouraging, it also makes me even more thankful for our High Pointe family!
Second, I want to remind you that although our church calendar may slow down, our regular ministry continues. In other words, though I expect you to get away with your families, I don’t expect you to take the summer off from church and ministry when you’re here. We will continue our study on biblical manhood and womanhood on Sunday mornings until the end of June. Then, we will host four special guests (friends really) who will be with us during the July Preaching series. This series in July has quickly become one of our favorite times of summer. And on Sunday nights, we will also continue our series in 1 Samuel. Of course, we will reach out to our community during Vacation Bible School in June, and we are offering two new summer Life class. So, join us each week this summer as we grow together in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. And let us also continue taking advantage of every opportunity the Lord gives us to speak with our neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers about Christ. Invite them to join us for a Sunday gathering throughout the summer. Continue to pray that the Lord would allow us to see much fruit from our evangelism efforts. The Lord has indeed been faithful this year on that front!

Finally, let me remind you that even during the summer, we will still have the same budget needs. In fact, at our last members’ meeting, you voted to increase our budget by $25,000.00. The Lord continues to bless us through your generous giving – so much so, that we ended the first quarter $15,000.00 ahead of budget needs. Praise the Lord! So, please do take time off from work and away with your families, but remember we are still ministering here in Austin during June, July, and August. Therefore, while you’re away this summer, plan to continue your faithful, regular, joyful giving. And don’t forget to keep asking God to deliver us from the remaining debt that we have. I pray that you and your family may have a joyful and blessed summer and that the Lord would continue working in encouraging ways at High Pointe!