Biblical Counseling Ministry at High Pointe Baptist Church

We believe Jesus’ words in John 16:33, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” In this statement, Christ tells us that we will have trouble living in a fallen world. Trouble can take the form of personal problems, addictions, relational hardship, dealing with suffering, and more. Thankfully, God's Word has answers for every situation we face in life. Biblical Counseling is a ministry of the Word where counselors apply the Scriptures through the power of the Holy Spirit to bring about help and lasting change.

Counselors at High Pointe are not licensed practitioners or medical doctors. Instead, counselors have been trained to use the Bible to consider the physical, social, and developmental influences on individuals while building relationships, analyzing, and providing meaningful direction to reclaim the promise of peace and the realization that Christ has indeed overcome this world and the problems we face in it.

Biblical Counseling Training

We desire to cultivate a culture of Biblical Counseling at High Pointe Baptist Church and train members to wield the Word of God as a salve on the suffering and sin we endure in a fallen world. When we can help believers see that all things come from God, are through God, and are to God that He might be glorified, we allow them to situate themselves in the story of grace that God is continuing to tell in the lives of believers despite the adversity they face. High Pointe’s training of Biblical Counselors equips Christians to understand the truths of Scripture as applied to our thinking, desires, and emotions and how each must be considered when dealing with fellow image bearers. As we understand what the Bible says about God, man, sin, suffering, salvation, and sanctification, we will better understand our brothers and sisters as we walk with them from one degree of glory to another.

We desire to train up a church of biblical counselors, equipping our members to speak the truth in love more regularly and effectively. To accomplish that goal, we offer two courses in the year. Both courses and counseling observation and practicum are required to counsel at High Pointe.

First Semester

“Introduction to Biblical Counseling” includes: what is biblical counseling, and what are the theories and methods of biblical counseling? If we want a biblical understanding of people and their problems, we need to have a foundational knowledge of the Scripture and the theology that flows from Scripture. We will explore the biblical concepts for understanding people (who we are) and their problems (why do I do the things I do). We will also explore biblical methods of change.

Second Semester

“Typical Problems in Biblical Counseling” is for those who want to go further in applying the introductory class to the problems we face in everyday life. This training is designed to analyze and apply the principles taught in the intro class to specific counseling problems, including fear and anxiety, anger, decision making, dealing with the past, depression, sexual sin, fear of man, and forgiveness, to name a few.

Counseling Observations and Practicum

After completing the two-semester curriculum, there will be opportunities for counseling observation and practice, observing a trained counselor throughout the counseling process, and then the chance to counsel under the supervision of a trained counselor. The Counseling Observations and Practicum seek to apply the principles taught in the two-semester classes.

High Pointe Counselors

Jack Delk

Jessica Cardenas

Jeanette Heflin

Frequently Asked Questions

Does High Pointe offer biblical counseling to non-members?

We are happy to meet in limited scope with any person—Christian or not—who wants light from the Bible shed on their path; however, we reserve ongoing counseling for the members of High Pointe Baptist Church.

How often do we meet?

An initial meeting with one of our Biblical Counselors will help determine if ongoing meetings are necessary and helpful. Most often, our counselors will ask for a 6-7 meeting commitment, then re-assess and adjust meeting frequency and length of commitment based on progress and ongoing need. 

Will I be meeting with a pastor?

Sometimes, but not always. High Pointe is very blessed to have many gifted men who aren’t pastors as well as women who serve as Biblical counselors.

Are the biblical counselors at High Pointe certified by any specific counseling organization?

What counseling do you normally do?

How do I know if I should reach out?

No. We do not require certificates or degrees to serve as a Biblical Counselor. We do thoroughly investigate the person’s life and doctrine and believe they are mature, godly, able to counsel, and gifted to serve as counselors.
Alongside pre-engagement and premarital counseling, we are eager to listen and strive to serve no matter what a person faces. Typical problems our counselors face include depression, sexual immorality, understanding God’s providence, anger, discerning calling, marriage and family issues, and more. 
Have you stalled in making progress against your sins? Are you going backward instead of forwards in your obedience to the Lord? Do you genuinely not know how to grow from where you are at present? If so, we would love to meet and help.

Do you report abuse?

Will I be meeting alone with the counselor, or will someone else be included?

Is there a cost?

Yes. We always report abuse. It is required by the State of Texas, and it is wise for every church to involve civil authorities to deal with criminal activity.
In most cases, we do have another person (an advocate) join in the counseling with you. The advocate is being trained in Biblical counseling as well as contributing to your counsel by adding their wisdom and praying for you.
No. We are very happy to provide this service free of charge.

Counseling Ministry Questions 

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