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Life Classes are a place for disciples to learn and apply God's Word in specific areas of the Christian life over a multi-week timeframe.

When do Life Classes take place?

Life Classes are offered on Sunday mornings at 9:00am. See dates and class descriptions below.

January 19 - March 1


Reading Genesis Through Esther

2nd Floor - Livingston Room

For many of us, the Old Testament remains a challenging collection of books, with sections that are obscure or difficult to understand. Though we want to read these books for spiritual encouragement and growth, our good intentions are often thwarted as we labor through long narrative sections or seemingly endless genealogies. Therefore, Reading Genesis Through Esther aims to help those who desire to grow in their understanding of the Old Testament. By surveying the first half of the OT, this class will offer an overview of the key themes that unfold in these books. At the same time, Reading Genesis Through Esther will also show how these books help to develop the single, overarching storyline of Scripture, a story that ultimately culminates in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

January 19 | Genesis

January 26 | Exodus - Leviticus

February 2 | Numbers - Deuteronomy

February 9 | Joshua - Ruth

February 16 | 1 & 2 Samuel

February 23 | 1 Kings - 2 Chronicles

March 1 | Ezra - Esther



2nd Floor - East Training Room

The Word of God has an expectation that Christians are a praying people. Prayer is to be a regular aspect of Christians' lives, individually and corporately. Yet, prayer seems like one of the hardest things to do and is easily pushed aside. One of the reasons this might be the case is because we don't think about prayer, regularly or deeply. We want to spend these seven weeks thinking about prayer and hearing about this spiritual discipline from God's Word. More importantly than just talking about prayer for seven weeks, we want to utilize this time to encourage one another and spur one another on to pray! What is prayer? How does prayer shape us individually and as a church? What is God's role in prayer? How do I pray? Join us as we attempt to think through and answer these and many more questions over these seven weeks. 

January 19 | The Trinity in Prayer

January 26 | Learning Prayer from Old Testament Saints

February 2 | Learning Prayer from New Testament Saints

February 9 | Private and Personal Prayer

February 16 | Prayer Together

February 23 | Learning Lament

March 1 | Difficult Questions about Prayer


Relationships Are A Mess Worth Making 

1st Floor - Fellowship Hall

Living in relationships is part of being created in the image of God. He intends us to live in community so that we can be a reflection of Him, bringing Him glory. However, if we are constantly avoiding relationships that are anything less than perfect we will be unable to live as God intended. Because of sin, relationships are messy and at time hard. But a right understanding of ourselves, others, and Christ will provide us a path on which we can navigate our relationships in a biblical way. This is what we will seek to do in Relationships are a Mess Worth Making. Over these 7-weeks we want to dive into what Scripture has to says about how we relate to one another and what our interactions with one another should look like. 

January 19 | We Were Made for Relationship

January 26 | The Greatest Obstacle in Relationships

February 2 | God's Agenda for Our Relationships

February 9 | Relationships and Our Communications

February 16 | Conflict and Forgiveness

February 23 | Transforming Ordinary Relationships into Great Relationships

March 1 | Conduits of Grace and Moving Out


Como Estudiar La Biblia

No hay nada màs importante en esta vida de lo que Dios quiere decire a nosotros por su palabra. Por eso, en esta clase vamos a dar tiempo a la pregunta "¿Como debería uno estudiar la biblia?" y aprender cómo ser estudiantes verdaderos de la Palabro.


The Gospel Project (K-5th)


March 15 - May 3

Understanding Perseverance & Assurance

Peacemaking In Conflict

Reading Job Through Malachi

The Gospel Project (K-5th)