The Practice of Normal Evangelism

This week marks one year since we had to cancel in-person services. It’s hard to believe we’ve been facing the consequences of Covid for one year now. One of those consequences has been the difficulty of meeting with people and having normal face-to-face conversations. And, frankly, that is a vital part of personal evangelism. It’s bad enough that many of us find evangelism daunting, even frightening. Additionally, over this last year, our evangelism “muscles” have gotten “out of shape.” That’s what happens when you go a year without exercising.

So, as we begin moving toward some normalcy as more and more people are vaccinated, I want to take this opportunity to remind all of us that our mission remains the same – to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20). And fulfilling that mission requires personal evangelism on our part. Evangelism should happen naturally as we talk with people. That is, as we have normal conversations, we are to look for opportunities to speak to people about Christ. In a normal evangelism culture, we will pray together for the unbelieving, and we will celebrate gospel conversations, not just “deals closed.”  To help encourage us toward normal evangelism, we are asking one another, “Who’s your one? Who’s your one? is a national evangelism effort, spearheaded by Dr. J. D. Greear, president of the Southern Baptist Convention. To learn more about Who’s your one? and even obtain helpful resources, CLICK HERE.  

We hope every member of High Pointe is regularly, normally sharing the gospel with as many people as the Lord brings into your life. But, for those who struggle with evangelism, we want to encourage you to think about just one person you can be praying for and reaching out to with the gospel. All of us can think of at least one person who needs Christ. So, who’s your one?

All we’re trying to do by asking “Who’s your one? is to make evangelism normal. When evangelism is special, it requires special Christians, trained with special methods, using special tools, during special times. But, when evangelism is normal, every Christian is engaging in gospel conversations, praying that the Spirit would give spiritual life to those we’re sharing with.

In an effort to make evangelism normal at High Pointe, here are ten practices of normal evangelism to spur you on this week in whatever opportunities the Lord may grant you.

1.  Know the gospel (1 Corinthians 15:1-4)! When we understand the gospel, we know that GOD is holy and created a world without sin. God provided mankind with all he needed to dwell in His presence.  But, MAN rebelled against God, and rebellion requires judgment, the penalty of which is death.  Yet, God in His grace, provided CHRIST as a representative substitute to live a life of perfect obedience and to receive upon Himself the penalty of sin on our behalf. Jesus was raised from the dead on the third day, proving His victory over sin and death. Now, all who RESPOND with repentance from sin and faith in Jesus have eternal life. This is the good news that we must know in order to share it with others.

2.  Live your life in light of this gospel. As this gospel takes root in our own lives and we begin to apply it to our marriages, parenting, relationships, lives together as a church, then our lives will be markedly different than the world and thereby attractive. How can we announce that this gospel is the power of God to save and change lives if we who profess Christ continue living just like the world?

3.  Pray and fast for unbelievers (John 14:12-14; 15:7-8). One reason unbelieving people are not on our minds is because we don’t pray for them. Make a list of unbelieving people and begin praying for their salvation. But also ask God to open doors for evangelism, then by faith be obedient when the opportunities arise. We look forward to beginning our Sunday night prayer gatherings beginning this Sunday, when we will be able to share with one another about the gospel opportunities the Lord has given us.

4.  Be willing to share your life with unbelievers (1 Thessalonians. 2:1-8). If we are going to reach unbelievers, we need to get to know them: where they live, shop, eat, recreate. Look for opportunities to relate with them where they are, instead of thinking they will come to us. Let us wisely share our lives with unbelievers: talking to them, inviting them to church, or into your home for a meal. 

5.  Share the gospel with urgency (2 Peter 3:8-10)! To be sure, we need to share the gospel naturally & clearly, but we must also share it urgently. Right now is the time for salvation. When a person dies or Christ returns, there will be no more opportunities for repentance and faith.

6.  Study the doctrine of hell! If you lack urgency in evangelism, then study the doctrine of hell.  As you consider the fate of those who reject Christ, ask God to break your heart and move you with urgency to share the good news with the lost.

7.  Invite unbelievers to repent and believe! The gospel requires a response. We must call on all people everywhere to repent (turn away from their sinful ways) and believe (in Jesus Christ).

8.  Invite unbelievers to church. Invite the unbelieving, unchurched to come with you on the Lord’s day so that they may hear the gospel proclaimed. Surprisingly, in a 2010 study of unbelieving, unchurched people in Austin, a large number indicated that they would be open to invitations to go to church. Imagine that! They don’t come because we don’t ask.

9.  Trust Christ for the results. Faithfulness, not results is what God requires of us. Salvation is of the Lord, so we must trust the sovereign Lord to do His work in the hearts of unbelieving people. Our responsibility is to faithfully share the gospel indiscriminately.

10.  Share with others and ask them to join you in prayer. I have found it encouraging to hear other Christians’ stories of evangelism. Share your evangelism encounters, celebrate simply sharing the gospel, and pray together for those souls. Let’s make evangelism normal again!


Pastor Juan

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