Welcome Our Newest Staff Member: Kevin Washington, Director of Biblical Counseling

As I mentioned during our state of the church address, even during a global pandemic, the Lord has poured out his blessings on High Pointe. One of those blessings in 2020 was the new staff. In August, we welcomed Dan Lisa as our Director of Student Ministry. Dan has been doing a great job encouraging our students and families. We rejoice in the Lord for bringing him and his family to High Pointe. In 2021, the Lord allowed us to add Eric McAllister as our Director of Music and Liturgy. Eric has done a marvelous job helping us respond to the truth of who God is for us in Christ in our gathered times of worship.

Now, it’s my privilege to introduce Kevin Washington as our new Director of Biblical Counseling. The Lord provided Jack Delk during an important transition as Josh Hayward went to serve as the lead pastor of Kinney Avenue Christian Fellowship. Jack brought 17 years of wisdom and pastoral experience to High Pointe and served us well. We look forward to seeing how the Lord will continue to use Jack and Mary Delk at High Pointe in this new season of their lives.

Kevin began his official responsibilities on Tuesday, February 1. Many of you already know Kevin and Jordan. They have been faithful members of High Pointe and have been leading Longhorn Christian Fellowship – our outreach to UT students. Still, allow us to officially introduce Kevin so you may get to know him a little better.

Who is Kevin Washington?
Kevin Washington has been involved with sports all his life. Kevin played football at the University of Notre Dame and graduated with degrees in Sociology, and Film & Television. After graduation, he continued his playing career at Abilene Christian University while earning a Master’s degree in Communications. Kevin began working as a chaplain through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization. Previously he and his wife, Jordan, served as chaplains at the University of Houston, during which he finished a Master’s degree in Biblical Counseling from Master’s University. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Biblical Counseling from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and has been certified by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, ACBC, since 2017. Kevin and Jordan have been married for 10 years and currently reside in Austin, Texas where Kevin now serves as the Director of Player Development for the football team at the University of Texas and attends High Pointe Baptist Church.

Here are some ways you may be praying for Kevin, his family, and High Pointe:
  • That Lord would give Kevin vision and wisdom to aid the congregation in ministering God’s Word amongst themselves and those in their lives.
  • That the Lord would raise up many counselors at High Pointe!

Join us in welcoming Kevin and Jordan to our staff. They too are rejoicing in God’s marvelous providence in this opportunity at just the right time for them. And let us thank our Lord. He is a gracious King and delights in providing for his church! To him be all the glory!

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