We Thank God for Pastors Brady Bowman and Dan Lisa

At our members’ meeting on Sunday, October 22, pastors Brady Bowman and Dan Lisa announced their intention to move on from pastoral ministry at High Pointe. Brady will continue leading the High Pointe Institute and teaching Life Classes through the end of the year. However, this Sunday, November 5, will be Dan’s last official Sunday with us. Brady will look into pursuing a PhD program, and Dan is seeking to enter the cybersecurity field. Please pray for these brothers and their families as they pursue what the Lord is leading them to do next.

We are thankful for Pastor Brady’s and Pastor Dan’s faithful service with us. The Lord has used them to encourage us through their teaching, preaching, and pastoral care. We encourage you to show your love and appreciation to them and their families personally. We will also plan a time to send them off as a church. Look out for those details in the coming weeks.

Life Classes | Sundays at 9:00 AM
Life Classes are meant to equip you for life as a Christian. This session, we are offering the following classes:
  • How People Change | This class will explore the biblical answer to why change is needed and how change actually happens. We will seek to answer the question: What does it take for lasting change to take root in your life? This class is for anyone who desires to change or who would like to help others through a process of change.
  • Following Jesus: The Basics of Christianity | This class will cover some of the basics of Christianity, such as Bible reading, prayer, attending church, and walking in obedience. We will seek to answer the question: How do I live as a Christian? This class is designed for new Christians and those considering Christianity.
  • Las Ultimas Cosas Primero (Escatologia) | Estaremos estudiando la Escatología, que es el estudio de los últimos tiempos, basados en las Escrituras. Estudiaremos como la escatología es algo que nos afecta personalmente y ahora. También presentaremos las diferentes posturas escatológicas para que podamos tener información concreta e imparcial de lo que cada postura expone.
  • We also offer childcare and a Life class for Kids, K-5th grade, that uses The Gospel Project, a study that “helps kids dive deep into the big story of the Bible – God’s plan to rescue His people through His Son, Jesus Christ”.
  • Our Meaningful Membership Class is offered on Sunday mornings as well.

Men's Ministry at High Pointe
At High Pointe, we desire to see all men have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and grow in that relationship in order to look more like Him. We desire to help men in that process and provide opportunities for discipleship. As Christians, we are called to be students of Christ and then to show our fruit of that salvation, which takes the help of a church community. As men of High Pointe, we desire to come along one another to encourage, pray, sharpen, and ultimately point each other to the beauty of a life conformed to the image of Christ. We endeavor to develop these brotherly relationships among the men of High Pointe.

Three Areas of Focus: (1) Men’s Events, (2) Discipleship Groups (DGroups), and 1:1 Discipleship
(Mentoring). You can check out the available DGroups by clicking HERE.

To receive information about Men’s Ministry at High Pointe, email men@highpointeaustin.org
or call the church office: 512-837-7725. Join us, men!
Austin Biblical Theology Workshop for Women with Nancy Guthrie | November 3 or 4, 2023
No matter how much you already know or don’t know about the Bible, if you’re a woman who wants to know your Bible better, this workshop is for you!

Do you ever read the Bible and have a sense that there is a deeper meaning or significance to what you are reading that you can’t quite figure out? Or do you sometimes wonder why some people have been able to draw things out of a passage in the Bible that you didn’t see until they pointed it out? If so, I hope you’ll make plans to come to a Biblical Theology Workshop for Women. Our aim will be to increase our Bible skills so that rather than being bored by, or intimidated by the Bible, we’ll become more intrigued by it, moved by it, more confident that we’re grasping what it is communicating to us.

Over three sessions, we’ll review the key events of the Bible’s story and the major sections of the Bible. I’ll demonstrate telling the story of the Bible through the lens of one of its important themes. We’ll work together on tracing a few themes through the various sections of the Bible. Then we’ll look at the opening of each of the Gospels and discover how a growing understanding of major biblical themes adds to our understanding when we see those themes arise in specific passages of the Bible. The three sessions will be energetic, interactive, and fun.

For more information, click HERE.

To register for Friday, click HERE.

To register for Saturday, click HERE.
Sunday Rhythms at High Pointe
  • Prayer Gathering (2nd and 4th Sundays at 5:00 PM) Sunday night prayer gatherings are our family nights. That’s when we not only pray for one another, our city, our state, our world, but we also learn about one another. Make every effort to join us as we pray together as a church.

  • Children’s Catechism Class for 3 year olds – 5th Graders (2 and 4th Sundays at 5:00 PM) While parents are praying together, our children are learning God’s word and biblical truths through a question and answer method. To register for our CCC, click HERE.

  • KidsPointe Sunday Mornings, During our Morning Worship Gathering! KidsPointe kids are studying The Gospel Story, which includes a detailed look at how each of the Bible stories, beginning in the Old Testament, connects to the gospel and to God’s larger plan of redemption. Each K-5th grader attending must be registered or complete a visitor slip at drop off. To serve in KidsPointe, please contact Erin Wyman.
Giving at High Pointe
God is generous, and so he calls us to be as well. What we do with what God has given us shows the world where our hearts are and helps proclaim the gospel. We want to glorify God in every area of our lives, including what we do with our finances. But as you may have noticed, we do not take up a collection on Sundays at High Pointe. Consequently, we’ve been receiving questions as to how to give. There are several ways you may give:
1. Offering Boxes in Auditorium – You may place your offering in an offering box.
2. Mail – You may mail your contribution to the church office.
3. Text/Online – You may give by texting 84321 (it will require a first-time setup).
4. Your Bank – You may give through your own bank via Bill Pay or ACH.

If you have any questions, go to this LINK. Our financial staff is also available to help or answer your questions. You may call the church office at 512-837-7725.

On-Call Pastor
To better care for you, High Pointe, we have an “on-call” pastor available for emergencies after office hours and on weekends. To reach the on-call pastor, call 512-837-7725, extension 1.

Preaching Schedule: Pray regularly for the ministry of the Word at High Pointe. Also, prepare for our gatherings by reading the sermon text, thinking it through, and asking questions about the text before Sunday. Here is a preaching schedule designed to help you prepare for Sundays:
  • November 5 | Romans 12:9-21, Pastor Juan
  • November 12 | Romans 13:1-7, Pastor Juan
  • November 19 | Romans 13:8-14, Pastor Juan
  • November 26 | Romans 14:1-12, Pastor Juan
  • December 3 | Romans 14:13-23, Pastor Juan
  • December 10 | Romans 15:1-13, Pastor Juan
  • December 17 | Romans 15:14-33, Pastor Juan
  • December 24 | Christmas Eve Day Message, Pastor Juan
    • December 24 | Christmas Eve Service, Pastor Juan
  • December 31 | Romans 16:1-16, Pastor Juan

Resources of the Week

Begin praying as you prepare to gather with us this Sunday at 10:00 am.

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