How Does our High Pointe Nursery Operate?

By God’s grace, we are welcoming lots of new, young families at High Pointe during this season. In addition to all the new families, many of our existing young families are expecting and having babies. We rejoice in God’s kindnesses to us. It is a joy to see so many little ones in the nursery, toddling, and walking around after our gatherings.

Of course, as is always the case, growth brings growing pains. With an abundance of little ones in the nursery, we need more help, more volunteers. Especially now, as we have only recently reopened the nursery with limited capacity, presently, the number of children we can care for is only limited by the number of volunteers we have. So, if you’ve been a member of High Pointe for at least six months, we would welcome your help in the nursery. Please contact Erin Wyman and find out how you can help.

With so many new families coming to High Pointe now, it’s helpful to remember how our nursery operates since we also have expectations of parents who utilize the nursery. So, mom and dads, let me make you aware of some of our procedures and expectations related to our nursery:

Think of our nursery as more like a Co-op and less like a “service.” Our nursery works as a co-op where parents cooperate in caring for each other’s children. Parents who are members (for a minimum of 6 months) and who utilize the nursery for their little ones take turns with other parents so that everyone gets to both serve in the nursery and be served through enjoying worship while others care for their children.  Parents are expected to volunteer during one service every 5 weeks, enabling them to be in worship with the Body the other services. So, please utilize the nursery, but be prepared to serve one another.

Dads, think of yourselves more like a parent and less like a babysitter. O.K. So, you are a parent, dads. But’s it’s funny how many dads I’ve heard say, “I have to babysit our kids tonight.” Dad, you’re not babysitting your children when mom is gone; you’re their father. And at High Pointe, parenting includes serving in the nursery. In the past, we required both parents to serve once a month. We changed that policy in recent years to allow members to gather in corporate worship more often. But we still need you, moms and dads. It’s both helpful and encouraging for the children, not to mention the moms, to see men stepping up to read Bible stories to toddlers and play on the playground with preschoolers. As you serve them, you will show our children how much you love both them and Christ!  

Express thanks to our nursery workers. You’ve probably noticed that many serving in our nursery do not have little ones of nursery age. These volunteers are the icing on the cake. They complete our nursery by giving of themselves in graceful service instead of merely sitting in the service on Sundays. Many of these volunteers are grandmothers or moms of older children who’ve already “paid their dues” and remember what it was like when they rarely got a break. Because they love our little ones and want to bless their mommies, they willingly sacrifice their convenience to allow moms to feed on God’s Word without distraction. Others of our volunteers are singles and young marrieds who may not have children in their own homes but who are parenting just the same through their loving care of these precious nursery children.  We couldn’t do nursery without these dear, selfless volunteers. Thank you!

Pastor Juan

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