Heading into Summer Together

Be Purposeful this Summer

High Pointe, as we head into summer, be purposeful. Don’t waste your summer. Regardless of the season of the year, we have the same mission. That means our ministry to one another and to our community continues, just as at other times in the year.

Be purposeful with your family time. Use this summer to spend time together. That may be a vacation away, a staycation here, or just purposeful time together each day. Establish a family plan for this summer: day trips, reading Scripture together, serving together: your church, your neighbors.

Be purposeful with your church participation. Satan’s attacks do not ease during the summer. We need each other, and we need to gather. This Sunday we will begin our summer Life Classes at 9:00 a.m. Take advantage of that. Gather with other members. Gather with us during the Summer Preaching Series starting July 10.

Be purposeful with your time with the Lord. Continue your personal Bible reading and prayer. Continue growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ. Select key books to read this summer, along with your Bible reading. And help other members follow Jesus well.

Allow me to remind you of some of what we are looking forward to in the weeks ahead.

Summer Life Class | Corporate Worship | Begins this Sunday, June 19 at 9:00 a.m.

Commit to going to Life Class this summer. This is a focused teaching time when we try to encourage one another to think better about Scripture and how to apply the Scriptures to the Christian Life. Join us beginning this Sunday.

Members’ Meeting | June 26 | 5:00 p.m.

One of our responsibilities as members is to care for one another. And the members’ meeting is an official time where we care for our members at a congregational level. We will receive and remove members. We will hear financial reports. And, excitedly, we will provide an important update on the state of our debt. You won’t want to miss this update.

Summer Preaching Series | July 10 - 31

We are excited to welcome another group of pastors to serve us in the pulpit this Summer. Please be in prayer for our time together, for these brothers, for their home churches while they’re away, and for the Lord to encourage High Pointe through the ministry of these brothers. Here is a schedule:

10 July Brian Davis, associate pastor, Del Ray Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA
10 July 5 PM | An Evening Conversation with Brian Davis
*Race and Ethnicity and the Christian’s Desire for Reconciliation

17 July Shai Linne, member (former lay elder), Risen Christ Fellowship, Philidelphia, PA, Bible            teacher, recording artist.

24 July Matt Boswell, lead pastor, Trails Church, Celina, TX, songwriter
24 July, 5 PM | An Evening Conversation with Matt Boswell & Eric McAllister
*How We Sing Together as a Church

31 July Aaron Menikoff, senior pastor, Mount Vernon Baptist Church, Sandy Springs, GA
Let’s look forward to a great summer together as a church!


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