No More Debt

I almost didn’t come to High Pointe to serve as the senior pastor. At $4.5 million, the debt seemed overwhelming. Still, the Lord broke my heart for the people and all they had gone through. So, we came, trusting that the Lord would allow me to see the debt removed during our ministry together. Well, as of this week, the Lord has answered that prayer. Allow me to recount the story so that we may rejoice in the Lord together.

It wasn’t easy. When I arrived at the end of July 2005, our membership was at 1,500, but our attendance had dwindled down to about 300 people. Our offerings were not enough to pay the bills or cover payroll. But, our first priority was to identify WHO is High Pointe? I’ll save that story for another day.

Our second priority was to address our financial situation. Our banker – the Bank of the West – informed us they would not renew our loan, so we had to acquire a new banker. With our financials in disarray, no one wanted to loan us money, until a new bank came into town and offered us a loan with terrible terms. We had no choice. And yet, we agreed that the debt would not hinder us from fulfilling the mission the Lord had given us. So, we agreed to send 10% of everything that came in towards mission and ministry outside of High Pointe. The elders wanted to provide an example to the congregation of how the Lord blesses generous, sacrificial giving. In seventeen years, the Lord has sustained us and blessed us, honoring our commitment.

To address the debt early on, we also organized a capital fundraising campaign we called “Wholehearted Commitment.” Our members pledged about $770,000 over a three-year period. By my estimation, we raised about $1 million during the campaign, which we applied toward the debt. We also sold the Jourdan Crossing building and applied $1.5 million toward the debt. Added to this debt-reduction effort is the regular, faithful, generous, sacrificial giving of our members over seventeen years toward the debt. And finally, since July 2021, with funds from the sale of land and the generous giving of our members, we have paid off almost $1 million of debt.

As of THIS WEEK, we will pay off the debt! NO MORE DEBT!

Join the elders and staff in celebrating God’s lavish grace and rejoice in what the Lord has done. As I shared at our members’ meeting this past Sunday night, the Lord has strengthened us during our season of lack. During our lean financial times, the Lord allowed us to plant four churches and are about to plant a fifth. The Lord has allowed us to partner with strategic gospel partners around the world and, even, send missionaries out of High Pointe. The Lord has continued to bring to us more and more new members each year, while also allowing us to send out pastors to plant and revitalize churches.

Now, let’s trust the Lord during a season of plenty. We need the Lord’s strength just as much during the times of blessing as we did during the times of lack (Philippians 4:10-13). So, join us as we keep moving ahead, in the grace of God, and in the strength of our Lord to prepare for the future.

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Pat Perrin - July 2nd, 2022 at 5:01pm

Praising God for this wonderful news!

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All glory belongs to God! Praise God for His faithfulness!





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